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Beaba Babycook

  • Very easy to use
  • Compact and has a sleek look
  • Purees are consistently smooth

Babymoov Duo Meal

  • The machine works fast
  • The products have a large storage.
  • It has easy to clean.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

  • Comes with a lot of containers
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick and convenient.

baby food maker can be a great and useful baby accessory for mom. Making your baby’s food on your own can calm nerves of not knowing what is in bought baby food. From making apples and peaches puree, to peas and carrots, having the right baby food maker can mean everything. So we have tested and reviewed and brought to you a list of the best baby food makers, so you know you get the best baby food maker for you!

Best Baby Food Maker


BEABA Babycook

The BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker and blender is number 1 on our list. It is the best baby food maker on the market! Costing about $150, this baby food maker is known for its safety, reliability, and it’s ease of use.

Not only does this baby food maker blend food, but you can also use it to steam your baby’s food! It has a very large 4.7 cup capacity so you can fit more than one serving in a batch; Which makes making food to store much easier! It’s convenient one hand use makes steaming, pureeing, defrosting, or reheating your food in one hand, while hold your baby in the other a breeze. We have found that this system is easy to clean, easy to use, and highly reliable!


  • Very easy to use
  • Compact and has a sleek look
  • Purees are consistently smooth


  • You can’t see the water reservoir and it’s a bit difficult to clean it out

Key Features:

  • Babycook works with only a 120V earthed socket
  • It’s able to make fish with Toddler food in only 15 minutes
  • 4.7 cup capacity makes 6 to 14 portions at a time
  • Auto-shut off, timer sounds when done
  • This product is BPA, Lead, and Phthalate free
  • This machine also is Stainless steel water reservoir


  • Brand: BEABA
  • Model: 912313
  • Weight: 4 pounds


Babymoov Duo Meal Station

The Babymoov Dual Meal Station is a 6-in-1 food maker station that can make up to 11 cups of food at once and steam two different foods at the same time. In theory, this sounds great, and I was excited to try it. Unfortunately, I was left feeling disappointed. Not only was this large, bulky, and difficult to set up (I had to consult the manual more times with this one than any other baby food maker), but it was also full of many, many different parts, all of which require cleaning afterwards.

The biggest con is that I wasn’t thrilled with the purees. None were consistent: while butternut squash mixed up perfectly, the broccoli required so much pausing and stirring and the result was too watery, while the spinach was stringy and inedible. It also took me a while to figure out how to do pretty much anything with this one, and parents just don’t have time for that.


  • The machine works fast
  • The products have a large storage.
  • It has easy to clean.


  • It’s really noisy sometimes.

Key Features:

  • Tritan, BPA free blender jug and steam baskets
  • PP, BPA free steam trays and lids
  • All detachable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Power of the steaming unit : 230V / 500W
  • Power of the blending unit : 230V / 3 speeds


  • Brand: Babymoov
  • Model: A001125
  • Weight: 5.95 pounds


Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is not an all-in-one food maker: it doesn’t steam your food, it just purees it. That said, it’s still a terrific value thanks to all of the parts and pieces. This is a 20-piece set that comes with a blender, a batch bowl, food storage containers, a milling blade, a silicone tray for freezing, and a recipe book.

Using it is very simple: you place the batch bowl on the power base, pour your steamed food into the bowl, cover, then press down and blend for as long as you need. It holds a decent amount of food and I was really impressed with the texture and quality of the finished purees in a short amount of time. The manual and recipe book were very helpful, and the containers made it easy to package everything up. There were some cons, though. The placement of the blade and shape of the batch bowl made it difficult to scrape up the food on the bottom, and I often found chunks of unblended food hiding down there. I also thought it was pretty noisy, and I felt like it wasn’t quite as durable as some of the other options, which worried me in terms of long-term use.


  • Comes with a lot of containers
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick and convenient.


  • Difficult to clean
  • Doesn’t steam, just blends.

Key Features:

  • BPA free. Non-toxic plastic. No phthalates
  • Includes power base, batch bowl, baby blend blade, milling blade
  • 6-date dial storage cups
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards


  • Brand: Baby Bullet
  • Model: BBR-2001
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds


Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

For any baby products, you should never make a hasty decision. You would want something that covers your baby needs. The Cuisinart baby food maker will help you make baby food and still warm it the next time you have to defrost food for the baby. It is now possible to make nutrient rich food with this product.


  • It is a multifunctional baby food maker
  • You can use these recipes while you work on making others
  • It has a large capacity for you to make a lot of food at once
  • Has a strong construction that provides better durability


  • Even with the bowl seal, there are some water leaks when steaming

Key Features:

  • Food maker with bottle warmer option
  • The blade lock system
  • User-friendly dial control with LED indicator light
  • This appliance has an automatic shutoff safety feature - turns unit off when water has evaporated


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Model: BFM-1000
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds


Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker

The Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker, It costs about $128. This baby food maker features a glass bowl so you don’t have to worry about whether the plastic is BPA free and whether there are other harmful chemicals getting into your baby’s food!

The Baby Brezza is a compact sleek design blender and steamer. The perfect baby food maker that does it all, and fits nicely on your counter. This system has an option to steam and blend, so it will steam then blend the food, and all you have to do is click one button! There are options to just blend, or just steam, but the option to do both with one click is a definite plus! Another great plus to this baby food maker is that the water reservoir is removable! We found it very useful in our testing for filling it, and cleaning it., it features an easy to read and understand display that tells you how much time is remaining until your baby gets to enjoy the food!


  • It’s compact size makes it easy to fit anywhere.
  • We love that this baby food maker has a time display to let you know when your food is going to finish.
  • The 2 in 1 button option to blend and steam at once is an awesome plus!
  • The bowl for steaming and blending is 4 cups, so you can make multiple portions at once.


  • The glass bowl can be VERY hot after steaming, wait a few minutes before touching.

Key Features:

  • Steam and automatically blend foods with the push of a button in one bowl
  • Homemade Baby Food in as Little as 10 Minutes
  • LCD control panel
  • Steam tank can be opened completely for easy cleaning.


  • Brand: Baby Brezza
  • Model: BRZ00131S
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds


Qooc 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro

At first glance, the QOOC 4-in-1 Food Maker is remarkably similar to the Beaba Babycook, and that’s actually not an incorrect way to describe it. Compact and featuring a stylish, minimalist design, the QOOC shares many of the same features as the Beaba (for about $20 cheaper). It steams and purees in minutes, and works with just one button. It comes with a separate tiny “pitcher” to measure out the amount of water you need.

One of the best things about this one is that the water reservoir has a large opening that not only makes it easy to see inside, but also makes it easier to clean. The instructions were a bit confusing, though: for example, while the food guide inside says to steam fruits for 15 minutes, the button on the front shows that you should steam fruits for 20 minutes. It left me feeling slightly lost on what to do, so I just guessed. Still, the QOOC makes impressively smooth purees. Although, in some cases, they were actually a little soup-like, which wasn’t exactly what I was going for.

With some great features and its small size, the QOOC is a great model, as long as you’re okay with figuring out steam times on your own.


  • Easy to use
  • Works quickly
  • Large opening of water reservoir makes it easier to see and clean
  • Makes pretty consistently smooth purees


  • Instructions are inconsistent and confusing

Key Features:

  • 4 Powerful and intuitive functions in one professional grade appliance
  • It is safe, professional-grade materials constructed from high-standard material
  • Intuitive timing function based on food type
  • Simple one-handed, single button controls.


  • Brand: QOOC
  • Model: Q7
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds


Philips Avent SCF870/21 Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender

It is now easy to prepare a healthy baby food by using this product. Being a combined steamer and blender, you can imagine just how many people would want such a product in their kitchen. Preparing a meal with this product should be easy, you simply start with steaming the fruits, fish, meat, or vegetables and flip the jar to start blending. Just like that you get to make the perfect baby food. The compact design of the product makes it easy to store and fill water in it. It also comes with a few parts to clean.


  • Unique 4 in one design that steams, defrosts, blends and reheats baby food.
  • Easy to clean
  • Beep alert notification that alerts you when the food is cooked to perfection.
  • Ability to cook several portions at a go.


  • Expensive

Key Features:

  • It has a compact design for easy storage and water filing
  • It has an efficient steam cycle and retains cooking liquids
  • Voltage is made for 220~240V


  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: SCF870/21
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds


Mumum 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker

The Mumun baby food maker is a compact unit that will fit most kitchen yet versatile enough to allow you to cook, blend, heat and defrost your little one’s food. The incorporated timer lets you know when the food is ready. Its water reservoir is easy to fill and clean for your convenience.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers multiple functions
  • Compact


  • Not suitable for making large batches of food

Key Features:

  • Anti overflow cover
  • Steaming Basket
  • Measure Cup
  • Blade Waterproof Seal
  • Mixing Blade


  • Brand: Mumum
  • Model: MU-1000
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds


Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

The Cuisinart food processor is versatile and will allow you to prepare an array of foods from chopping herbs to grinding spices to blending or pureeing baby foods. We like that it offers something for the entire family. It is a powerful food processor that gets work done fast and is also easy to operate.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes up minimal counter space


  • Its motor is too loud

Key Features:

  • Chop or grind at the touch of a button
  • 24-ounce work bowl with handle
  • Exclusive auto-reversing SmartPower blade for two powerful processing options
  • Touchpad controls are easy to use and easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Stainless steel blade with sharp and blunt edges


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Model: DLC-2ABC
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds


Whale's Love Baby Food Maker 5 in 1

As a 5-in-1 food maker, the Whale’s Love features five working modes – Steaming, Steam-blend, Blending, Warm milk, Tank Cleaning) to enable you make different healthy and nutritional baby food all in one device.


  • Very affordable
  • Auto-clean function
  • Milk-warming function
  • Anti-dry and auto shut-down function


  • Rather limited functions i.e. no defrost function

Key Features:

  • Cooks and Blends Food All in One
  • Smart Steaming & Blending
  • Auto Self-Cleaning Water Tank
  • Easy and Convenient Operation


  • Brand: Whale's Love
  • Model: LS-BE617
  • Weight: 4.58 pounds

Baby Food Processor Buying Guide

When it comes to preparing food for your little one, it helps to have a baby food processor that can do everything to save you time. However, with all the brands available, it helps to have some guidance when selecting one. Here we have some tips to get you started.

The Capacity

Here you need to consider the capacity of the reservoir when buying a baby food processor. If you prefer making large batches of food, it helps to have a bigger baby food maker. However, if you prefer preparing fresh meals a day, using a smaller one with a compact design will serve you well.

The Design

Provide your infant with healthy food using an appliance with BPA-free structure housing and food-grade blades. On the other hand, it helps to check if the product is FDA approved, making it safer for consuming food. Other helpful safety features are if it has auto shut-off with boil-dry protection as well to prevent overheating.

Ease of Use

You do not want to spend hours preparing meals with a baby food processor and need to provide you with some essential functions making prep time faster.

Finding a baby food maker that can steam, cook, blend, chop, defrost, reheat, and warm up baby milk is a useful device to have. Moreover, it needs to be easy to clean, as well.

You can find the best baby food processor with a self-cleaning function and removable blades to make cleaning a breeze. On the other hand, check if the components are removable for cleaning in the dishwasher as well.

Alternatively, look if it has an LCD screen with multiple control buttons or a one-touch button that does everything.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the buying guide helps you to make an informative decision when selecting a baby food processor for your lifestyle and needs.

All of the baby food makers reviewed offer you an easy multifunction use allowing you to steam, chop, blend, reheat, defrost, juice, warm baby milk, and even sterilize bottles if needed.

With one of these appliances in the home, it saves preparing meals leaving you more time to spend with the family.

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